We will provide a table full of fun - hats, glasses, mustaches and signs for your guests to enjoy. Have something specific in mind, simply let us know and we will work with you to ensure your theme is perfectly matched.

online gallery

You and your guests can view all of your events photos on a personalized website.


We are photographers at heart. We want your photos to look great...not like they were taken with a webcam. You will also receive a flash drive with digital copies of all the events photos so you can blow up and print your favorites to 8x10 without any clarity issues.


With your direction, we will develop a custom photostrip logo perfectly highlighting the theme of your event.


Our booth is a freestanding design, that looks great in any setting. Guests stand in front of the booth instead of inside, allowing no restrictions to the number of people that can take a photo together.

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All rentals include:


We will send an personable and knowledgeable attendant to manage the booth throughout your event. 

*Note: This is guaranteed NOT to be a teenager playing on SnapChat